Back Catalogue

2024-Edition 11

Beyond These Walls by Tom Folske
Carnivorous by Julie Allyn Johnson
Death of the Sea by Corinne Pollard
Eating the Elephant: To the Moon, Author! by Kimberly Rei & Dean Shawker
Midnight of the Unnatural by Stephen McQuiggan
The Followers by Jim Mountfield
Thievery by Lee Clark Zumpe
Word-Shopping, Part I by Julie Allyn Johnson
Yours Truly, Spring-heeled Jack – Part One of Two by Glynn Owen Barrass

2024-Edition 10

Arpy by F. Malanoche
Capsized Sanity by Shawna Rowan 
Chah-wee-wed by J.B. Corso
Daddy’s Gift by Tim Law
Eating the Elephant: Happy New Spreadsheets! by Kimberly Rei & Dean Shawker
No Mommy Here by Jessica Gleason
Partygoers by Tim McDonald
Reigning Cats and Human Doggies: How Humans Learned to Heel by Alicia Hilton
Roads by Fabiana Elisa Martínez
Snow Wars by Don Money
Somewhere Anywhere by Kevin Novalina
Suddenly I Realise That Your Body is Made of Flesh by David Rae
The Boy by Jodi Jensen
The Call by Tim Law
You’ll End Up Wishing for Pink Elephants by Steven Holding

2023-Edition 09

Call Me Karma by Linda M. Crate
Dora of Boat Landing Road by Ann Wuehler
Eating the Elephant: What You Don’t Know You Know by Kimberly Rei & Dean Shawker
Echoes in the Silence by Avery Hunter
Enter the Apocalypse by Jack D. Harvey
Fine, I am the Monster by Linda M. Crate
Hairy and Scary by Don Money
Holy Mother of the Drowned by Laila Amado
Horned Demon by Janis Butler Holm
Jesus Is My Co-pilot by Delphine Gauthier-Georgakopoulos
Just What I Want by Warren Benedetto
Kings of Winter by Engilbert Egill Stefánsson
Look for the Faces by L. Anne Greenspan
Nothing But A Monster by Linda M. Crate
On an Old Billy Goat by Dennis McFadden
Organ Donor by Trier Ward
Return of the Drummer – Part Four by Jodi Jensen
Rides by Trier Ward
The Gift of Immortality by Lori Green
Vampire Bunny by Janis Butler Holm
Waking by Trier Ward
Walker – Part Four by Glynn Owen Barrass
When Did I Say I was Only Love and Light by Linda M. Crate
Worse Than Death by Rod Raglin
Your Society by Linda M. Crate

2023-Edition 08

A Fool’s Demise by Jasiah Witkofsky
A Man About a Dog by Jim Mountfield
A Visit from Carl by John Grey
Dunmere Field by Don Money
Eat the Elephant: The Dreaded Red Pen by Kimberly Rei & Dean Shawker
Mask by John R.C. Potter
Night Companion by John Grey
One Coin, Two Sides by Kimberly Rei
Place Your Bets by Eric Farrell
Return of the Drummer – Part Three by Jodi Jensen
The Place Where Elation and Excitement Meet by Tim Law
Unholy Sonnet by Mark J. Mitchell
Walker – Part Three by Glynn Owen Barrass

2023-Edition 07

Choke on Your Darkness by Linda M. Crate
Domination by Gabby Gilliam
Eating the Elephant: Part Two – Branding by Kimberly Rei & Dean Shawker
Kegger by Dawn DeBraal
Let Down Your Hair by Don Money
May Rage Be Your Silvery Bullet by Linda M. Crate
Moon’s Glow by Gabby Gilliam
Nothing Happens For a Reason by Alejandro Gonzales
Prison by D.J. Tyrer
Queen of the Dark Realm by Linda M. Crate
Return of the Drummer – Part Two by Jodi Jensen
Shadowman by Rick A. Pearson
The 9th Circle – Part Two by Frederick Pangbourne
The Abyss Calls to the Abyss by Lillie E. Franks
The Girl Who Lived in a Shoe by Hari Navarro
The Woman by Danika Scholten
Walker – Part Two by Glynn Owen Barrass

2023-Edition 06

231 by Rhiannon Bird
Alienism Clap by Rick Ansell Pearson
Apocalypse Pardon by Andrew Leonard
Breathe by Nick Young
Competing for Roses by Lawrence Dagstine
Death to the Rat King by Blaise Langlois
Eat the Elephant: An Author’s Guide to Marketing by Kimberly Rei & Dean Shawker
Ending of a Life by Andrew Kurtz
God is Good – Part Three by Dennis McFadden
Guilt by J. Agombar
Insanity Ignites by Jasiah Witkofsky
Love/Fear by Harris Kauffman
Opti-Vision 4000 by Dale Parnell
Return of the Drummer – Part One by Jodi Jensen
Soul of Rock by Don Money
Submission by Tim Law
The 9th Circle – Part One by Frederick Pangbourne
The Harvest Wheel – Part Three by Barend Nieuwstraten III
The Underburrow – Part Three by Andrea L. Staum
Uncle Gregory by Roly Andrews
Walker – Part One by Glynn Owen Barrass

2023-Edition 05

Cyclops by James Dorr
Final Frontier by Doug Hawley
For a Brownie’s Sake by Crystal N. Ramos
Fractures Like Windows and Time by Emma Burnett
God is Good – Part Two by Dennis McFadden
In Amelia’s Wake – Part Four by J. AGombar
Liminal Space by Sangamithra Nataraj
Love is the End of a Nail by Hari Navarro
Married to the Monster by John Grey
Neuropathies of July by William Doreski
Penetralia by Avery Hunter
Pulling Nights by Steven Holding
Something About Roy by Christian Riley
Sparring in the Hands of a God by Kimberly Rei
The Empty House by Ed Ahern
The Harvest Wheel – Part Two by Barend Nieuwstraten III
The Price of Honor by Karen Bayly
The Shut-In Conduit by Andrew Najberg
The Spring Hare – Part Four by M. Leigh
The Underburrow – Part Two by Andrea L. Staum
The Vagrant by Elijah Woodruff
The Viridian People by Tom Folske
The Year of Living as a Water Lily by Terry Jude Miller
Tunnel Rat by Don Money
Wish Upon by Corrine Pollard

2023-Edition 04

Candy by Tim Law
Clean Your Room! by Kimberly Rei
Devastated by Shawna Rowan
Excess Baggage by Robert Mammone
Fin by Avery Hunter
God is Good – Part One by Dennis McFadden
Had a Great Fall by Don Money
Hate Crime? by Bill Diamond
Heroes Are Hard to Find – Part Four by Zack Zagranis
In Amelia’s Wake – Part Three by J. Agombar
In the Stillness by Emma Burnett
Insight by Corinne Pollard
Medusa Fails Therapy by Joelle Killian
Someplace Without Washrooms by Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi
The Depot by Jodi Jensen
The Harvest Wheel – Part One by Barend Nieuwstraten III
The Spring Hare – Part Three by M. Leigh
The Stench by Rick Ansell Pearson
The Underburrow – Part One by Andrea L. Staum

2023-Edition 03

A Rare Bit by Steven Holding
Autumn’s Rest by Shawna Rowan
Charon’s Obol by Matthew Owen Jones
Colossus by Samir Sirk Morató
Come Back Yesterday by Emma Burnett
Death Consumes All Time by Chloe Herczeg
Desiccant by Robert Beveridge
Echoside by Shawna Rowan
Heroes Are Hard to Find – Part Three by Zack Zagranis
Impostor Syndrome by Robert Beveridge
In Amelia’s Wake – Part Two by J. Agombar
It Always Came Down to Food by Jodi Jensen
Last Stop, Serial Killer by John Grey
Old Gods of the Ozarks by Don Money
Pearblossom Highway by Terry Sanville
Reel of Bad Loops by Eugene Stevenson
Reluctantly Kindred by Pauline Yates
Sloe Gin by John R.C. Potter
The Key by John Grey
The Loneliest Guy by Rick Ansell Pearson
The Sorrow for Her Loss by Mary Ann McGuigan
The Spring Hare – Part Two by M. Leigh
You’re All Two-Faced by Stephen Herczeg

2023-Edition 02

Always, In All Ways by Avery Hunter
Dinner is Served by Jodi Jensen
Every Rose Has it’s Roots by Rotten Akers
Family Time by Andreas Flögel
For the Record (An’ Them) by Steven Holding
Handcuff by J.B. Corso
Heroes Are Hard to Find – Part Two by Zack Zagranis
Human Touch by Rick Ansell Pearson
In Amelia’s Wake – Part One by J. Agombar
Logan’s Pool by Karen Bayly
Man’s Best Friend by Dawn DeBraal
Matches by Warren Benedetto
Running for My Life by Cassandra O’Sullivan Sachar
Scaring Eli by Josh Clark
Sea Wasp by Corinne Pollard
Skins by Marvin Lee
Sweet Treat by Andrew Anderson
The Coat by Alessia Lehua
The Hadal Zone by Kyle Vincent Lemmon
The Kiss by Tim Law
The Spring Hare -Part One by M. Leigh
Victims by Bill Bibo Jr
Worm by Rick Ansell Pearson

2023-Edition 01

Anger Issues by Dawn DeBraal
Classroom Jazz by Rachel L. Tilley
Easy Prey by Gabby Gilliam
From Harwich to Hollywood (Well Almost) by David Bowmore
Heavy Heart by Avery Hunter
From the Monster by Gabby Gilliam
Hell’s Marshal by Don Money
Heroes Are Hard to Find – Part One by Zack Zagranis
I Got Your Back Be Beholden by Colin James
Influenced by Warren Benedetto
Just One Taste by Cat Voleur
Leporid Weapon I by S. Jade Path
Meat Minion by Maggie D. Brace
Meeting Cute by Ron Capshaw
Philosophy 301 by Brett Mitchell Kent
Puppetry by Corinne Pollard
Recombitant by Brianna Bullen
The Art of the Drabble by Kimberly Rei
The Bad Box by M.A. Dosser
The Doctor is In by Andrew Kurtz
The Kahil Gibran Killer by Colin James
The Queen of Ash and Space by Erica A. Clayton
The Unicorn of Death by Andrew Kurtz
The Woolson Twins by Tim Law
Troglodyte by Rick Ansell Pearson