Anger Issues by Dawn DeBraal
Classroom Jazz by Rachel L. Tilley
Easy Prey by Gabby Gilliam
From Harwich to Hollywood (Well Almost) by David Bowmore
Heavy Heart by Avery Hunter
From the Monster by Gabby Gilliam
Hell’s Marshal by Don Money
Heroes Are Hard to Find – Part One by Zack Zagranis
I Got Your Back Be Beholden by Colin James
Influenced by Warren Benedetto
Just One Taste by Cat Voleur
Leporid Weapon I by S. Jade Path
Meat Minion by Maggie D. Brace
Meeting Cute by Ron Capshaw
Philosophy 301 by Brett Mitchell Kent
Puppetry by Corinne Pollard
Recombitant by Brianna Bullen
The Art of the Drabble by Kimberly Rei
The Bad Box by M.A. Dosser
The Doctor is In by Andrew Kurtz
The Kahil Gibran Killer by Colin James
The Queen of Ash and Space by Erica A. Clayton
The Unicorn of Death by Andrew Kurtz
The Woolson Twins by Tim Law
Troglodyte by Rick Ansell Pearson