Ardor in and out of the Catacombs by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub
Awaken From Your Granite Slumber by K.J. Watson
Baracuda by Wellington Lambert
Between Canvas Walls by Michelle Brett
Children Shouldn’t Play with Anything by Steven Holding
Deep Black Water by E.W. Farnsworth
Drive by Ken Poyner
Eating the Elephant: It Was the Friends We Made by Kimberly Rei & Dean Shawker
Everything Caving In by Barbara Anna Gaiardoni
Garden Fresh with Blood by John McMahon
Homesick by Penny Durham
Ignis Aeternus by Namreal Drawde
Obliteration – Part One by Jodi Jensen
Our Family Closet by Joan McNerney
Peace/Pieces of Mind by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub
SEALAB IV by Stephen A. Roddewig
Sewing by Andrew Kurtz
Social Service by Ken Poyner
The Great Edwardo by Chris Tattersall
The Gypsies of Arbor by Sandy DeLuca
The House on Linden Street by J. Paré
The Maze by Julie Dron
The Muse by Kelly Moyer
The Smiler by Dennis McFadden
Value by Ken Poyner