Choke on Your Darkness by Linda M. Crate
Domination by Gabby Gilliam
Eating the Elephant: Part Two – Branding by Kimberly Rei & Dean Shawker
Kegger by Dawn DeBraal
Let Down Your Hair by Don Money
May Rage Be Your Silvery Bullet by Linda M. Crate
Moon’s Glow by Gabby Gilliam
Nothing Happens For a Reason by Alejandro Gonzales
Prison by D.J. Tyrer
Queen of the Dark Realm by Linda M. Crate
Return of the Drummer – Part Two by Jodi Jensen
Shadowman by Rick A. Pearson
The 9th Circle – Part Two by Frederick Pangbourne
The Abyss Calls to the Abyss by Lillie E. Franks
The Girl Who Lived in a Shoe by Hari Navarro
The Woman by Danika Scholten
Walker – Part Two by Glynn Owen Barrass