We are looking for: 

**note: our bunny leans to the dark side, please remember this when submitting 

  • Stories: Any wordcount and genre
  • Poems: Any wordcount and genre
  • Art: Any genre, must be 300 dpi, but we’ll  convert to 72dpi for the web
  • Articles: Any wordcount. Must be writing related. Do you have a new book out? Advice for new authors? What worked for you in marketing? Share your experiences.
Please email before submitting anything over 5,000 words. We only have capacity to read 2 each month.

If accepted, your submission will be published online – there is a monthly digital magazine – and also in the print magazine.

Send submissions to

NB: after the first edition, our submission window will be 1st to 25th of each month. Successful submissions will be notified and then the magazine will be published round the 1st of the following month.

In your submission, please include the below. We have a tight publishing window and will not read any submissions we have to chase for additional information:

  1. One email per submission.
  2. Attach your submission – we don’t follow links
  3. Your pen name.
  4. An author photo/logo.
  5. A short bio (of no more than 100 words and one link).
  6. Your story / poem / article  in Word format, or your artwork in .jpg format,  as an attachment.


    All written submissions must be final editions. However, the editors reserve the right to make adjustments for print editions, where necessary.

All copyrights remain with the author / poet / artist, and reprints are allowed, however please ensure we have exclusivity for 3 months from publication date.

No simultaneous submissions, please, we will publish accepted pieces. 

Please use American English spelling.

We don’t include “First Published” acknowledgements.

We don’t include links to retailers or other publishers.

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