A Rare Bit by Steven Holding
Autumn’s Rest by Shawna Rowan
Charon’s Obol by Matthew Owen Jones
Colossus by Samir Sirk Morató
Come Back Yesterday by Emma Burnett
Death Consumes All Time by Chloe Herczeg
Desiccant by Robert Beveridge
Echoside by Shawna Rowan
Heroes Are Hard to Find – Part Three by Zack Zagranis
Impostor Syndrome by Robert Beveridge
In Amelia’s Wake – Part Two by J. Agombar
It Always Came Down to Food by Jodi Jensen
Last Stop, Serial Killer by John Grey
Old Gods of the Ozarks by Don Money
Pearblossom Highway by Terry Sanville
Reel of Bad Loops by Eugene Stevenson
Reluctantly Kindred by Pauline Yates
Sloe Gin by John R.C. Potter
The Key by John Grey
The Loneliest Guy by Rick Ansell Pearson
The Sorrow for Her Loss by Mary Ann McGuigan
The Spring Hare – Part Two by M. Leigh
You’re All Two-Faced by Stephen Herczeg