Cyclops by James Dorr
Final Frontier by Doug Hawley
For a Brownie’s Sake by Crystal N. Ramos
Fractures Like Windows and Time by Emma Burnett
God is Good – Part Two by Dennis McFadden
In Amelia’s Wake – Part Four by J. AGombar
Liminal Space by Sangamithra Nataraj
Love is the End of a Nail by Hari Navarro
Married to the Monster by John Grey
Neuropathies of July by William Doreski
Penetralia by Avery Hunter
Pulling Nights by Steven Holding
Something About Roy by Christian Riley
Sparring in the Hands of a God by Kimberly Rei
The Empty House by Ed Ahern
The Harvest Wheel – Part Two by Barend Nieuwstraten III
The Price of Honor by Karen Bayly
The Shut-In Conduit by Andrew Najberg
The Spring Hare – Part Four by M. Leigh
The Underburrow – Part Two by Andrea L. Staum
The Vagrant by Elijah Woodruff
The Viridian People by Tom Folske
The Year of Living as a Water Lily by Terry Jude Miller
Tunnel Rat by Don Money
Wish Upon by Corrine Pollard