The Gypsies of Arbor by Sandy DeLuca

They soar beneath

the gibbous moon,

at midnight,

wild and unafraid,

and when dawn comes

and dreams wane,

they tuck away

ancient spells…

mystic potions

symbols written

on ancient parchment…

sigils that seal

their spells

below tall oaks

where ravens perch

on limbs…

sentinels of dark magic…

watchers of the mystic veil.

Picture of Sandy DeLuca

Sandy DeLuca

Sandy DeLuca has written novels, several poetry and fiction collections and a few novellas. She was a finalist for the BRAM STOKER for poetry award in 2001, with BURIAL PLOT IN SAGITTARIUS; accompanied by her cover art and interior illustrations. A copy is maintained in the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays Poetry at Brown University, 1976-2000. She was also nominated once more in 2014, with Marge Simon, for DANGEROUS DREAMS. She lives in Rhode Island with several feline companions, including a black cat named Gypsy, and her two sons, Gemini and Leo.

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