Everything Caving In by Barbara Anna Gaiardoni

dead silence
a black snake visible
in the dark

The moon is getting small and I keep flying straight ahead. This is important in allowing me to control destiny, because I keep getting small signs that make me feel positive. But before I reveal this mystery, let me explain better what is. I think about a tiny, little thing, and then I obsess on it, until, suddenly, it’s the only thing I can think about, but I can’t be sure. And here lies the mystery. The Self-doubt and fear of the unknown that often lead to the fact that one does not dare to try something new.

news spring
small fields obtained
by burning the forest

Picture of Barbara Anna Gaiardoni

Barbara Anna Gaiardoni

Barbara Anna Gaiardoni is winner of the First Prize 2023 “Zheng Nian Cup” National Literature Price and finalist of the Edinburgh “Writings Leith” contest. She receveid two nominations for the Touchstone Award 2023 and recognized on the Haiku Euro Top 100 list for 2023. Her Japanese-style poems has been published in The Mainichi, Asahi Haikuist Network, The Japan Society UK and in one hundred and seventy-two other international journals. They are been translated on Japanese, Romanian, Arabic, Malayalam, Hindi, French, Chinese, Korean, Turkic and in Spanish languages. Author photo credit: Andrea Vanacore.

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