The Great Edwardo by Chris Tattersall

Edward was proud of himself, blowing out his six candles with ease. As if a magic trick, that precise moment also saw ‘The Great Raymondo’ enter the house behind Edward via the kitchen. A coordinated appearance his mom had planned for weeks.

Edward watched in awe as the magician focused on him and him alone, with his friends relegated to mere audience members.

The Great Raymondo encouraged the audience to shout “Abracadabra!” whilst Edward wielded the all-powerful black and white magic wand, tapping rhythmically on the kitchen table: tap…tap…tap, tap, tap…….tap, tap.

The Great Raymondo then pulled a bouquet from his sleeve and a string of handkerchiefs from his mouth, all thanks to Edward’s proficiency with the wand.

The performance continued with astounding, impossible magic, climaxing in the unexplainable disappearance of a soft foam ball from under a cup.

It had been the best day ever. Edward had met his hero, his mom’s long-held plan had come to fruition, the guests were full of sugar and e-numbers, primed for a taxing evening for their parents, and ‘The Great Raymondo’ had been paid his usual rate, plus ten percent.

Edward was exhausted with contentment.


With Edward not running into her bedroom with the excitement of a new day, his mom enjoyed a rare rest, safe in the knowledge that yesterday he had enjoyed the best birthday ever.

With a fresh second coffee by her side, she let Edward sleep.

Edward lay on his bedroom floor, unseeing eyes wide open, staring blankly at the ceiling. In his mottled hand he held the end of a long string of handkerchiefs hanging from the corner of his mouth.

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Chris Tattersall

Chris Tattersall is a Health Service Research Manager and lives with his wife Hayley and Border Collie in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. He is a self-confessed flash fiction addict with some publication and competition success. A recent obsession of his being writing Novella-In-Flash. He also hosts his own flash fiction website.

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