Sewing by Andrew Kurtz

The ten-year-old child tiptoed up the wooden stairs of the house, eyes shifting from the doorbell to the door. Deciding on the door, his knuckles barely touched the wood.

Placing her sewing tools aside, the old woman raised herself from the couch, slightly wobbling on arthritic legs.

Opening the door, she peered down at the boy. “At last, the coward’s made an appearance,” she said before leaning forwards. “Come closer, I won’t bite, yet. So you’re Billy, the boy who’s been bullying my grandson, Toby. I hope you enjoyed the lunches my grandson’s money paid for. My grandson attends school to learn, not come home with a bloody nose and swollen eyes. I’m only going to warn you once—if you ever bully him again, I will tear all your flesh off, ignoring your pleas for mercy.”

Urine poured down Billy’s legs, forming a golden puddle at his feet.

“That’s all. You can go now.”

Billy seized the top of his head, fingers digging into flesh, and yanked. His skin stretched beyond normal proportions, and came off, revealing the face of Toby. When Toby was out of the body suit, he rushed over, giving his grandmother a hug.

“That was so much fun, pretending to be him!” Toby exclaimed.

“Remember that teacher who failed you? You can be her next.” The grandmother sat back on the couch, next to the skinned corpse of the teacher, sewing her flesh to form a costume.

Picture of Andrew Kurtz

Andrew Kurtz

Andrew Kurtz is an up-and-coming horror author who writes very graphic and violent short stories which have appeared in numerous horror anthologies. Since childhood, he has loved horror films and literature. His favourite authors are Stephen King, Clive Barker, H.G. Wells, Richard Matheson, Edgar Rice Boroughs, and Ian Fleming.

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