2024-Edition 10

Arpy by F. Malanoche
Capsized Sanity by Shawna Rowan 
Chah-wee-wed by J.B. Corso
Daddy’s Gift by Tim Law
Eating the Elephant: Happy New Spreadsheets! by Kimberly Rei & Dean Shawker
No Mommy Here by Jessica Gleason
Partygoers by Tim McDonald
Reigning Cats and Human Doggies: How Humans Learned to Heel by Alicia Hilton
Roads by Fabiana Elisa Martínez
Snow Wars by Don Money
Somewhere Anywhere by Kevin Novalina
Suddenly I Realise That Your Body is Made of Flesh by David Rae
The Boy by Jodi Jensen
The Call by Tim Law
You’ll End Up Wishing for Pink Elephants by Steven Holding