2023-Edition 09

Call Me Karma by Linda M. Crate
Dora of Boat Landing Road by Ann Wuehler
Eating the Elephant: What You Don’t Know You Know by Kimberly Rei & Dean Shawker
Echoes in the Silence by Avery Hunter
Enter the Apocalypse by Jack D. Harvey
Fine, I am the Monster by Linda M. Crate
Hairy and Scary by Don Money
Holy Mother of the Drowned by Laila Amado
Horned Demon by Janis Butler Holm
Jesus Is My Co-pilot by Delphine Gauthier-Georgakopoulos
Just What I Want by Warren Benedetto
Kings of Winter by Engilbert Egill Stef√°nsson
Look for the Faces by L. Anne Greenspan
Nothing But A Monster by Linda M. Crate
On an Old Billy Goat by Dennis McFadden
Organ Donor by Trier Ward
Return of the Drummer – Part Four by Jodi Jensen
Rides by Trier Ward
The Gift of Immortality by Lori Green
Vampire Bunny by Janis Butler Holm
Waking by Trier Ward
Walker – Part Four by Glynn Owen Barrass
When Did I Say I was Only Love and Light by Linda M. Crate
Worse Than Death by Rod Raglin
Your Society by Linda M. Crate