2023-Edition 02

Always, In All Ways by Avery Hunter
Dinner is Served by Jodi Jensen
Every Rose Has it’s Roots by Rotten Akers
Family Time by Andreas Flögel
For the Record (An’ Them) by Steven Holding
Handcuff by J.B. Corso
Heroes Are Hard to Find – Part Two by Zack Zagranis
Human Touch by Rick Ansell Pearson
In Amelia’s Wake – Part One by J. Agombar
Logan’s Pool by Karen Bayly
Man’s Best Friend by Dawn DeBraal
Matches by Warren Benedetto
Running for My Life by Cassandra O’Sullivan Sachar
Scaring Eli by Josh Clark
Sea Wasp by Corinne Pollard
Skins by Marvin Lee
Sweet Treat by Andrew Anderson
The Coat by Alessia Lehua
The Hadal Zone by Kyle Vincent Lemmon
The Kiss by Tim Law
The Spring Hare -Part One by M. Leigh
Victims by Bill Bibo Jr
Worm by Rick Ansell Pearson

Ω Editor Kara Hawkers

Kara Hawkers

Kara Hawkers is a poet and author of short, dark fiction.

As Editor-in-Chief, Kara devotes most of her time to operating The Ravens Quoth Press, along with her partner.

If left unsupervised, you’ll find her dabbling in other arts.

Just three ravens in a trench coat.

Ω Editor Dean Shawker

Dean Shawker

Dean Shawker hails from Bracknell, UK, and now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Dean is co-founder and editor of Black Hare Press.

Having found that his BSc in Bioengineering and BA in Digital Media were as useful in real life as calculus and geometric proofs, Dean now works in commercial non-fiction during the day and moonlights as a minion of the hell hare, Captain Woundwort, in the dark hours.

He writes speculative fiction and dark poetry under the pseudonym Avery Hunter, and edits under the name D. Kershaw.

You’ll usually find him hanging out with the rest of the BHP family in the BHP Facebook group, or here as a servant to the Stygian Lepus.